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Vitamin K Helps In Wound Healing: Know Other Benefits, Foods Rich In It

Leafy greens and Brussel’s sprouts are some of the foods rich in vitamin K.

Our bodies love balance. A balance between work and leisure, exercise and rest, and between nutrients. For good health and fighting off diseases, a balanced diet is recommended, a diet that contains all macro and micronutrients. Foods must also contain the requisite vitamins and minerals. The former is taken as an umbrella term, however, it contains various categories. For example, vitamin A is good for the eyes, B12 keeps blood healthy, C keeps the immune system strong. Similarly, vitamin D is good for the bones. There are several types of vitamins, one of which is vitamin K. It helps wounds to heal. There are other benefits too of vitamin K. To know about them and foods rich in it, Onlymyhealth spoke to Sreemathy Venkatraman, a gut health practitioner & wellness nutritionist and the founder of ‘Mitha Aahara-Eat to Live’.

Benefits Of Vitamin K

“Vitamin K is a group of soluble proteins,” said Sreemathy, that the body needs for the following:

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