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Corporate Nutrition by Mitha Aahara!

Corporate nutrition package

Since the majority of workers spend 7-8 hours a day at their computers, it is quite challenging for them to use traditional cooking techniques and food options.
The typical food or snacks available in almost all office cafeterias are high in salt, sugar, and Trans fats. This can result in a wide range of chronic diseases and lifestyle illnesses.

A well-balanced diet can significantly increase workplace productivity while eating unhealthy meals has repeatedly been shown to contribute to poor health and decreased job performance.

Ms. Sreemathy Venkatraman, the founder of Mitha Aahara, an online nutrition platform and a leading nutritionist in Bangalore, says that poor nutrition is closely related to absenteeism, sickness, bad morale, and an increased incidence of workplace accidents.

It has also been demonstrated that poor nutrition can reduce employee productivity by 20%.

It is crucial to teach employees the fundamentals of healthy eating. An excellent method to promote health and instill clean and mindful eating habits is through our Corporate Nutrition Workshops and Offerings.

Mitha Aahara team can assist corporate health organizations in various ways to improve workplace nutrition. Our products and services support staff in making and maintaining dietary decisions to enhance their general health and well-being.

These lifestyle choices have advantages such as better immune systems, healthier people, and a happier workplace. They may also raise productivity and energy levels.

Additionally, by providing these services, businesses can gain the loyalty and engagement of staff members who value the individualized attention and support that comes from their workplaces, according to the best nutritionist in Bangalore.

Encourage the Physical and Mental well-being of your Employees with the Best Nutritionist in Bangalore:

We at Mitha Aahara provide a variety of services for corporate nutrition. We have something for you, whether you’re a big business, a small firm, or any other kind of team or organization.

Our highly skilled staff of Accredited Practicing Dietitians and nutrition experts has the expertise to provide a variety of corporate services that are tailored to the requirements of your organization or group.

Our Corporate Nutrition Packages Include the following:

  1. Workshops & Seminars:

    We provide a variety of entertaining, engaging, and informative nutrition presentations and seminars that cover valuable tips for eating healthily.

    Some of our presentation topics cover the following:

    • Food/Nutrition on a Plate
    • Whole Foods Diet
    • How To Eat Healthy While Running Busy
    • Healthy Snacking and many more

    Work/life balance is brought up in the workshops. They are educational, amusing, enjoyable, and participative.

  2. Nutritional counseling for Individual Clients:

    Each employee is provided with a 20 or 30-minute nutrition consultation. This typically occurs once a month over five days with five hours per day.
    Based on their medical, nutrition, diet, social, cultural, and financial histories, each employee will receive a thorough nutritional assessment and recommendations supported by the available research.

  3. Employee Meal Programs:

    A healthy meal plan is constructed (1 – 6 week alternatives) to provide to your staff, including detailed daily options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, recipes, ingredient lists, and a master grocery list.

  4. Workplace Wellness Strategy:

    We analyze the environmental, cultural, and individual variables of your business that impact health to identify the state of your corporate health.

Mitha Ahara also provides Corporate Nutrition for Issues like:

  • Gut Health Issues
  • Neuro Nutrition
  • PCOD
  • GDM
  • Weight Loss
  • Couple Fertility Package

Why Choose Mitha Aahara for Corporate Nutrition Services?

  • We determine your organization’s primary emotional health requirements and develop a tailored nutrition program. Additionally, each employee gets specialized support for their particular needs.
  • We collaborate with you to effectively deliver the program and review it. Your feedback and real-time observations enable us to adapt our services to various circumstances and changing needs.
  • Our Corporate Nutrition program was developed to assist businesses in increasing productivity, employee retention, and engagement. Also, we are profoundly committed to enabling people to improve their quality of life at work and at home as well.