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Who can consult?

  • Diabetics who are obese
  • Abdominal Obesity with Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • BMI more than 27
  • Considering Bariatric Surgery
  • Metabolic syndrome ( Diabetes, Abdominal Obesity & Hypertension)

Weight Loss & Management Nutrition (Mitha Aahara- Eat to Live)!

Weight loss is not about losing calories and starving yourself. Eating the right foods is essential. Our online nutritionist’s approach at Mitha Aahara promotes weight loss by utilizing the most recent nutritional science discoveries. Cutting back on eating has never resulted in effective weight loss.
After all, when you reduce your calorie intake, you become hungry! Your body enters starvation mode as a result and resists losing weight. You also feel worn out, irritable, and agitated. Even the quickest weight reduction regimens will lose your interest if you do that.
Most people find it challenging to maintain an optimum weight. Obesity is becoming more common in India and overseas, with increased incidence. Eating wholesome foods and avoiding fast and processed foods are suggested to keep fit. You can improve your current health habits by seeking the advice of an online nutritionist for weight control with a personalized nutrition plan that addresses your cravings.
Ms. Sreemathy Venkatraman has designed our program for weight loss, the founder of Mitha Aahara, an online nutrition consultancy platform. She has the expertise of more than 20 years of in the field of nutrition.
Understanding human physiology and metabolism is the foundation for our programs. It functions by encouraging your body to use fat as its primary energy source. It functions by assisting you in preserving your muscle mass, which is crucial for preserving your metabolism.

Conditions We Provide Help for:

Top Ways to Avoid Gaining Too Much Weight:

It would help if you took certain actions to keep your weight and health in check.
  • Regular Exercise: Daily exercise is crucial for good health. While doing strenuous exercises to lose weight is not necessary, it is essential to do some light exercises, a 20 to 30-minute walk, and other activities to maintain excellent health.
    Limit your Intake of Fats in your Diet: It would help if you did not consume too much fat. Consuming no more than 30% of your daily calories is recommended as fat intake.
  • Consistent Diet: When it comes to your diet, you should stick to a regular schedule. This implies that your diet should be healthy and consistent. It shouldn’t be erratic, such as eating more snacks on the weekends or skipping meals, among other things. A healthy life understanding your body with cravings and emotional eating if any and also to manage your desire for certain foods and beverages is essential.
  • Breakfast is an essential part of your daily routine that you should never skip or eat a food that boosts your metabolism. Your day should begin with a suitable and nutritious breakfast. You won’t experience constant hunger pangs or overindulgence if your food habits are rhythmic according to your lifestyle and work routine.
  • Low-Carb Diet: Adopting a low-carb diet or a balanced diet will help you stay healthy and prevent you from gaining too much weight and following Fad diets will only have results that are short term and not sustainable.

Role of a Nutritionist for Weight Loss:

The qualified nutritionists for weight reduction are available at Mitha Aahara, and they will collaborate with you to maximize your chances of losing weight. Our weight loss nutritionists will deliver the help you need to maintain a balanced diet successfully which are crucial components of our larger support team of online weight reduction coaches. A nutritionist is very important for your weight loss journey. Their expertise in health and nutrition and the knowledge of what to eat and what not can be very useful for your weight loss journey. Nutritionists play a vital role in improving your health by providing a diet chart per your body’s requirements.

Best Online Nutritionist for Weight Loss:

One of the top online nutritionists for weight management is nutritionist Sreemathy Venkatraman. She is the most qualified to offer health advice to those who are obese or underweight and desire to put on weight. She has been working in this sector for more than twenty years now. Therefore, Nutritionist Sreemathy Venkatraman is the best if you’re looking for the best online nutritionist for weight loss and management.