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1.       Before enrolling in any program, read the terms and conditions and understand the process in healing through food.

2.       Mitha Aahara team (Mrs. Sreemathy and the Nutritionists) never gives any “Guarantee” on any reversal of clinical condition or weight loss –  or the no of kilograms in weight loss as the goals are set in a realistic manner after a thorough consultation and mutual commitment with the client.

3.       Mutual respect, commitment and co operation is necessary for success of any program.

4.       Refund Policy – Due to the nature of the healing program, once you enroll for any program at Mitha Aahara, NO refund is provided under any circumstances.

5.       Cancellation Policy – If you have taken an appointment through the portal and cannot show up (Both Online and Offline), inform the team 24 hours prior to the appointment and for rescheduling the same. One can reschedule the appointment by calling the number given in the website. Refund will not be given if there is a NO Show.

6.       Before pursuing any course of treatment, it is advisable that you consult your physician or specialist doctor for the same.

7.       Supplements (if any) are recommended only if it is necessary for that clinical condition. The team at Mitha Aahara are not liable for any untoward reactions.


8.       Please read and understand our price details, method of payment, process before enrolling in any program