Ms. Sreemathy Venkatraman

Founder- Mitha Aahara, Our USP is Healing with food.

Sreemathy is a Bangalore based Qualified Clinical dietitian and Wellness Nutritionist. She has a vast clinical experience of 23 years and has specialised in “Diet in Health & Disease ” from USA.

She works on all gut health issues including IBS, food intolerances, IBD like Crohn’s & Ulcerative colitis. Our USP is “Healing with Food”.

She also deals with PCOS, Food intolerances, Food Allergies, Brain Health, Metabolic dysfunctions like obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and also conditions like fatty liver disease, infertility, mental health like depression and anxiety, autoimmune conditions, skin diseases, GDM and several other neuro conditions like Parkinson’s, ALS and swallowing difficulties and tube feeding.



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My Books

Nutrition and Biochemistry for Nurses

1st Edition (2011), 2nd Edition(2015), 3rd edition (2020)

Nutrition for Nurses

Nutrition for Nurses by Reed Elsevier-2019

Nutrition and Biochemistry for Nurses, 3e

Vegetarian Bariatric Recipes

A Global CookBook From India

Food for Thought Nutritional Guidelines for Brain