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We value the privacy of our customers. It is the goal of Sreemathy Venkatraman/ Mitha Aahara to respect your privacy concerning any data we may have about you from our website visits that we own and control, including

Information that We Collect-
  • Personal Information:

We might need to know things like your name and email address. Being able to identify you individually, this information is referred to as “identifying information.”

Only when it is necessary to offer you service do we ask for personal information, and we only use it to support or enhance that service.

  • Mode of Collecting Information:

We gather information with your knowledge and consent using just and legal methods. Additionally, we inform you of our motivation for collecting it and our intended uses.

You can deny our request for this information, but you should be aware that we might not be able to offer you all the services you want without it.

  • Information Use:

To better understand who our visitors are, how they use our services, and how we could improve their future experiences on our website, we might combine identifying and non-identifying information.

Although we do not make this information publicly available, we may provide aggregated and anonymized versions of it, for instance, in reports on trends in website and customer usage.

  • Processing and Storing of Data:

We only save personal information for as long as required to deliver a service or enhance future offerings. While we retain this data, we will safeguard it using reasonable commercial efforts to guard against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or alteration.

However, we caution that there is no 100% secure way of electronic transmission or storage; thus, we cannot guarantee complete data protection.

  • Cookies:

To learn more about you and your activities on our site, we employ “cookies.” A cookie is a tiny bit of information our website places on your computer and accesses every time you visit to understand better how you use it and provide you with content that matches your preferences.

You should set your browser to reject cookies from our website if you don’t want to accept them from us, but keep in mind that we might not be able to offer you all the services you want without them.

This policy only applies to the transmission of cookies from your computer to our website; it does not apply to any third-party services we may utilize.

  • Information access by Third-Party:

For our website and marketing efforts, we might use services provided by other parties. These services may access our data to carry out particular duties on our behalf.

Without your permission, we do not offer these services with personally identifying data. We do not authorize these services’ disclosure or use of our data for any other reason.

If we think a request is excessively broad or unrelated to its stated purpose, we have the right to reject bids for data from the government and law enforcement.

However, we may cooperate if we feel that the information is required and appropriate to comply with legal process, to safeguard our rights and property, to ensure everyone’s safety, to stop a crime from happening, or to stop something that we have a good faith belief is illegal, punishable by law, or unethical.

Other than that, we don’t distribute or supply personal information to outside parties. Your personal information is not given to marketers or other third parties by us.

  • Child Privacy:

This website or its data collection does not intentionally target children. If you think your child is participating in an activity, kindly contact us on our website, which involves personal information. You have not received a notification or request for consent.

We do not use your provided contact information for marketing or promotional activities.

  • Our Policy’s Limitations:

This privacy statement covers only Sreemathy Venkatraman / Mitha Aahara’s data collection and management. We only cooperate with companies, affiliates, and third parties whose privacy practices align with our own, but we do not assume any duty or responsibility for their actions.

There may be links on our website to sites outside our control. Be conscious that there are things that we cannot control, like those websites’ information or privacy policies, and we cannot take responsibility or liability for them.

  • Modifications to this Policy:

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time to reflect the most current accepted standards. We’ll use our website as a suitable means of informing users of changes.

Your continued use of this site following any changes to this policy will be taken as your agreement with our data and personal information handling policies.

  • Rights and Responsibilities you hold:

You have the right to know how your data is gathered and used as one of our users. You have a right to know what information we have on you and how it is used. You can ask to have any outdated or incorrect personal information about you removed.

While you have the right to use your personal information for your reasons, you have the right to limit or object to how we use your data. You have the choice not to allow information about you to be used in options exclusively as the result of automated processing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues regarding how we manage your data and personal information.

Data Controller:

Name: Sreemathy Venkatraman

Email:: [email protected]