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Do You Know Keto Diet Was First Developed For Epilepsy? Know How It Works

Keto is short for ketogenic, which is a high-fat, low-carb diet highly popular for weight loss.

Whether you are into fitness or not, trying to lose weight or not; you might have heard of the keto (short for ketogenic) diet. Many celebs have promoted it in the past, and so have fitness influencers. This low-carb, high-fat diet has proved to be highly effective for weight loss. A person on a keto diet reduces his/her intake of carbohydrates and switches to fat for energy. In this, the body undergoes a process called ketosis, which makes it highly effective in burning fat. Although, currently popular as a weight loss diet, do you know that it was initially developed for epilepsy patients? How does the keto diet help in epilepsy? For an answer to this question, Onlymyhealth spoke to Sreemathy Venkatraman, a gut health practitioner & wellness nutritionist and the founder of ‘Mitha Aahara-Eat to Live’.

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