Knowledge / Resource Partner

Knowledge / Resource Partner

Knowledge Partner

Create Nutritional analysis – Based on ingredients giving a
      Nutrition Profile

  • Health benefits for the products
  • Labeling Guidance for Products – according to FSSAI
  • Highlighting the benefits / values for Marketing the product
  • Provide detailed brochure content exclusively for Hospitals
          therapeutic diets for the catering and the dietary department
  • E recipe collection – recipes with nutrition profile for the
  • Clinical condition & wellness- to profile the product
          (lifecycle- children to seniors )
  • Provide detailed brochure content for the product for
         particular clinical conditions (renal, diabetics, etc..) to place
         the product for ease of Marketing activity – in other words
         how the product is suitable for the clinical condition to
         align with therapeutic diets served in hospitals/ wellness
  • Expert Guidance to R&D Team on market research and trend
          analysis for the product ideas
  • Taste and texture analysis and feedback

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+91 8618987740, +91 9361490956
Eden Park, 102, 20, Vittal Mallya Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Resource Partner

Connect with catering company of hospitals

  • Connect multi-national agency providing catering to hospitals
  • A high tea for Bangalore dietitians ( small groups to talk about
  • Resource information on how to place the product in the
          hospital dietary department
  • Showcase benefits of products in dietitians meet at Bangalore
         conducted by the company (Leads will be provided by us).
  • Outstation via online meet.
  • Can be a separate one for clinical dietitians & wellness

Business Strategist

Manoratha, a pioneering business strategic consultancy firm seamlessly integrates Blue Ocean Strategy principles with operational excellence methodologies for Healthcare and Small businesses. The unique approach allows the clients to break away from competition, create uncontested market space, and unlock new avenues for growth. Manoratha assists businesses in reshaping their industry boundaries, identifying lucrative market segments, and crafting innovative value propositions that resonate with customers.