Top 10 Nutritionists in Delhi!

Nutritionists in Delhi
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“Those who have no time for healthy eating will eventually have to find time for illness” is a wise proverb. Eating healthily contributes to both weight maintenance and improved physical health.

A healthy body reflects a healthy lifestyle, and disease and health issues are inextricably linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. A nutritionist knows what is ideal for each body to support a healthy lifestyle.

Which nutritionist in Delhi should you pick? It might be challenging. To make your decision-making process easier, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Nutritionists in Delhi.

Nutritionists are not simply people with a degree in food and sciences; they also have the knowledge to address a health issue calmly and completely understand nutritional food.

The top nutritionists in Delhi listed below can help you reach your health objectives if you need to speak with one of these professionals.

Top 10 Nutritionists in Delhi

  1. Ms. Sreemathy Venkatraman

Nutritionists in DelhiNutritionists in DelhiNutritionists in Delhi

One of the best online nutritionists in India, Sreemathy Venkatraman, offers knowledgeable and practical online nutrition counseling in Delhi. She founded Mitha Aahara, an online nutrition consultancy platform.

She is an online nutritionist in India who has spent more than 23 years teaching people of all ages about healthy living and feels that investing in one’s health is wise.

Because she doesn’t believe in restrictive diets, her motto for healthy living is Eating Right Rather Than Following a Strict Diet.

Sreemathy Venkatraman is well known for her knowledge of a healthy diet. Through her proactive articles and seminars, she has helped many men and women worldwide start their lives fresh and inspired many people.

  • She is a Wellness Nutritionist for all ages and conditions, including weight loss, PCOD, autoimmune disorders, and infertility for couples.
  • Being a Gut Health Nutritionist, she provides nutritional therapy for healing all gut issues.
  • Specialized in Geriatric Nutrition, she is a Consultant Nutritionist at DEBRA India, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore.
  • She is also a Consultant at DMCP (Divine Mother and Child Health Program).
  • A Chief Program Officer at Dysphagia India.Her Professional/Membership Affiliates include:
    • ASPEN – American Society of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition
    • ESPEN – European Society of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition
    • ESSD – Elected National Board member
    • IDA – Indian Dietetic Association
    • NSI – Nutrition Society of India
    • National executive member– IAPEN INDIA

A great accomplishment that makes Sreemathy Venkatraman feel proud and appreciative is being named one of India’s top five Nutrition Consultants. Sreemathy Venkatraman, a member of Team Mitha Aahara, would like to thank all of the clients who have taken the time to provide feedback, thereby granting her this wonderful honor.

Sreemathy Venkatraman has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s top nutrition consultants due to her commitment and unwavering dedication to offering outstanding nutrition recommendations and online and offline support.

The well-known Indian diet and nutrition consultancy platform Mitha Aahara is happy to announce that it has been recognized as the top nutrition consultation in the industry. This has been made possible by Mitha Aahara’s persistent commitment to excellence and promise to provide exceptional services.

The entire staff appreciates their esteemed clients’ decision to include Mitha Aahara in their healing process. With a strong belief in the transformational potential of “Healing with Food,” Mitha Aahara has established itself as India’s top diet and nutrition consultancy platform by continuously showcasing its expertise and producing excellent outcomes.

Address: Golden Square Jayanagar 579, 32nd D Cross, 10th Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011.

Phone Number: +91-8618987740

  1. Priyanka Jaiswal

In Delhi, Priyanka Jaiswal manages the Diet2Nourish clinic. She is one of the top nutritionists in Delhi, with over 12 years of experience. We can guarantee that she will be able to assist you in reaching your optimum weight and fitness objectives because she was the recipient of the National Nutrition Award for best dietician in Delhi. Her meal plans are doable and make it easy to stay on schedule. She creates diet plans that you may genuinely follow, taking into account your routine, habits, and preferences. There is no need to go without food or spend a fortune on flashy items.

Priyanka helps you maintain your fitness level with homely cooking and delicious cuisine. She also creates a variety of healthy, straightforward meals for people with ailments or long-term illnesses.

  1. Himanshu Rai

Himanshu Rai is a noted nutritionist in Delhi with 16+ years of experience. His diet programs are customized to meet your body’s precise nutritional requirements. His diet regimens are easy to follow, tasty, and made with basic, wholesome ingredients found in the kitchen. Your meal plan will include palak paneer, chicken curry, parathas, smoothies, roshogolla, halva, fried rice, idli, and many other foods.

The best part is that your diet plan will still include your favorite foods but more sensibly and efficiently. Throughout his sixteen years in the diet treatment industry, he has collaborated with numerous global nutrition businesses, including GNC, Pure Protein, and Nature’s Bounty.

  1. Kavita Devgan

Kavita Devgan is a top nutritionist in Delhi, having 15 years of expertise in this industry. In addition to reviewing your progress at the end of each week to ensure you’re constantly on track, she offers weekly appointments at her clinic. She is very patient and easily approachable (even on WhatsApp!), so we suggest her. In addition, she contributes to prestigious newspapers such as HT, The Hindu, DNA, and Mint. In 2018, she released her second book, which Kalki Koechlin recommended. She is only available for appointments on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  1. Ishi Khosla

This woman founded Whole Foods, which promotes healthy living. With over 37 years of experience, Ishi Khosla is a leading nutritionist in Delhi. She usually sees clients once a week, and at your weekly visit, she will ask you to keep a food journal, which she will review and evaluate. She has also launched an online weight control platform called The Weight Monitor to help those who cannot schedule a one-on-one meeting or lack the time. She is available all days except Sundays and Thursdays.

  1. Sakshi Dhingra

Sakshi Dhingra’s diet plans include goods easily found in nearby marketplaces. These include quinoa, double-toned milk, fruits, and vegetables, including apples, broccoli, spinach, papaya, and herbs like cinnamon and cloves.

She has over 8 years of experience as a practicing nutritionist in Delhi. She started Shape Up, a clinic in Gurgaon, and her clients have lost an average of 4 kg per month. Sakshi’s consulting hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

  1. Nidhi Sawhney

Nidhi Sawhney founded NUTRI Advice, a Delhi-based weight loss and gain clinic that provides nutrition management techniques. She teaches how to maintain a healthy body at all times and offers specialized programs for those with obesity, PCOS, heart health issues, anxiety, depression, and lifestyle management issues.

She has over 6 years of experience in the industry.

  1. Ankita Gupta Sehgal

Ankita Gupta Sehgal is a well-known dietitian in Delhi with 16 years of experience. Her home is in West Delhi’s Mansarover Garden. She offers individualized nutritional counseling and encourages her clients to follow straightforward diet plans that can be prepared in their kitchens. She thinks it’s important to modify her strategies to fit the various characteristics of her customers.

  1. Anjali Hooda

Anjali Hooda is a top nutritionist in Delhi with 20+ years of experience.

At her clinic in GK 2, she offers personalized plans that are simple to follow. She recommends a straightforward, at-home diet with meal plans that are simple to follow and won’t leave you feeling hungry or wanting more. However, she emphasizes the importance of consistent exercise to maximize the plan’s advantages. The clinic is open on Saturdays until 2:00 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

  1. Tapasya R. Mundhra

With over 15 years of experience, Tapasya Mundhra, a leading nutritionist in Delhi, takes care of your entire body and well-being, encouraging a way of life rather than a diet plan. She may monitor your eating habits around the clock and force you to drink strange drinks, but her food is simple and filling, and she seems to understand what your body requires. On Sundays, her clinic is closed.

A nutritionist is essential for promoting a comprehensive approach to health and helping with weight loss. They offer customized eating regimens that promote general health, prevent chronic illnesses, and boost vitality. Their knowledge helps people make well-informed food decisions, guaranteeing a balanced diet that corresponds with their particular health requirements and objectives. Thus, following the advice of a nutritionist is crucial to establishing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

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