Top 10 Nutritionists in Bangalore!

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It has become challenging for people to maintain their health in today’s hurried world. Due to hectic and careless routines, many people in large cities like Bangalore are afflicted with numerous diseases. You can get assistance from a dietitian or nutritionist in Bangalore to manage these health issues.

A good dietician knows how to handle a patient appropriately and should work by understanding that person’s history. So, seek the advice of a competent dietitian if you have any health problems and want to find a long-term remedy.

Which Bangalore dietician should you choose? It could be a challenging task. Therefore, we are offering the list of the Top 10 Dietitians in Bangalore to help you make an easy option.

A dietitian has a thorough understanding of nutritional food and the expertise to approach a health issue calmly, not just someone with a degree in food and sciences.

So let us check out the top 10 best nutritionists in Bangalore in the following segment.

Top 10 Nutritionists in Bangalore!

1. Sreemathy Venkatraman

Best Nutritionist in Bangalore Nutritionist in Bangalore

Nutritionist Sreemathy Venkatraman is a top nutritionist in Bangalore. She is the founder of the online nutrition platform Mitha Aahara.

An online nutritionist who believes in the need to invest in one’s health, she has been educating people of all ages about healthy living for over 20 years.

Her slogan for healthy living is Eating Right rather Than Following a Strict Diet because she doesn’t believe in restrictive diets.

Sreemathy Venkatraman is renowned for her expertise in nutritious eating. She has inspired countless others and helped countless men and women worldwide to start their lives fresh with her proactive essays and workshops again.

• She is a Wellness Nutritionist for all ages and conditions, including weight loss, PCOD, autoimmune disorders, and infertility for couples.
• Being a Gut Health Nutritionist, she also provides nutritional therapy for healing all gut issues.
• Specialized in Geriatric Nutrition, she is a Consultant Nutritionist at DEBRA India, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore.
• She is also a Consultant at DMCP (Divine Mother and Child Health Program).
• A Chief Program Officer at Dysphagia India.

Sreemathy Venkatraman has been recognized as one of India’s top 5 Nutrition Consultants, a remarkable achievement that fills her with pride and gratitude. As part of Team Mitha Aahara, Sreemathy Venkatraman expresses her heartfelt thanks to all the clients who have taken the time to share their feedback, ultimately bestowing this great honor upon her.

With a dedication to providing exceptional nutrition guidance and support, Sreemathy Venkatraman’s expertise and commitment have earned her a well-deserved spotlight among the country’s leading nutrition consultants.

Mitha Aahara, the renowned Diet and Nutrition consultancy in India, is delighted to announce its prestigious recognition as the Top consultancy in the field. This remarkable achievement results from Mitha Aahara’s relentless dedication to excellence and its commitment to providing exceptional services.

The entire team expresses heartfelt gratitude to their valued clients for choosing Mitha Aahara to be a part of their healing journey. With a steadfast belief in the transformative power of “Healing with Food,” Mitha Aahara has consistently demonstrated expertise and delivered outstanding results, solidifying its position as India’s leading Diet and Nutrition consultancy.

Address:- Golden Square Jayanagar 579, 32nd D cross, 10th Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011.

Phone Number: +91-8618987740

2. Silky Mahajan:

Silky Mahajan, a recognized nutritionist in Bangalore, an expert in sports nutrition, established the Food and Nutrition Clinic as a venue for offering medical nutrition therapy to the public.

The clinic follows a 4-step process to give customers a comprehensive outcome: nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition intervention, and nutrition evaluation. Nutrition for Sportspersons, a book on health and wellbeing, was written by her.

3. Akhila Joshi:

Akhila Joshi, a nutritionist with more than 8 years of experience, specializes in lifestyle, obesity management, and sports nutrition in Bangalore. However, she also offers knowledge on PCOS, infertility, and weight loss and works to raise awareness of these medical issues.

4. Sushma Jaiswal:

She has a total of 30 years of expertise in the nutritional industry. Dr. Sushma has thus assisted numerous patients dealing with various health problems.

You can increase your immunity and fight off illnesses with her food recommendations. So, from Monday through Saturday, ask her for personalized diet plans.

5. Roshni Sangvi:

Roshni Sangvi, a nutritionist in Bangalore, has more than 10 years of expertise. She favors a high-carb plant-based diet and is a qualified sports nutritionist and transformative specialist.

For weight management, she concentrates more on eating habits and hormonal balance.

6. Anupama Menon:

Anupama Menon is a Bangalore-based food coach and nutritionist who offers her clients internet consultations. Anyone starting a healthy regimen on his own should find her Instagram handle a gold mine.

Her posts typically discuss recipes, offer advice on developing healthy eating habits, and cover every other aspect that should be covered in what is known as the beginner’s guide to maintaining a healthy routine.

7. Nafeesa Imteyaz:

Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz is a former head of the department of nutrition and dietetics at Fortis Hospital and has 24 years of experience in the field. She is a leading nutritionist in Bangalore. She focuses on enhancing medical health through food and has a background in therapeutic or medical nutrition.

8. Sahana Dasharathi:

Are you one of those who want someone to help you maintain a balanced diet while still enjoying your favorite foods? Then Dash of Nourishment by Sahana Dasharathi is ideal for you.

Being a foodie herself, Sahana is aware of how crucial it is to include one’s preferred foods in meal plans. Based on each person’s lifestyle, eating habits, goals, and physical activity, she personalizes the plans for them.

9. Daisy Rani Rao:

Dr. Daisy Rani Rao is a Vellore-based Christian Medical College alum specializing in health coaching and weight management. She also places a lot of emphasis on the diets and nutrition of those dealing with various health problems. The Vibrant Life Medical and Wellness Clinic cannot function without her.

She is one of the best nutritionists in Bangalore.

10. Anjana Veerabhadra:

One of the most well-known online nutrition services in Bangalore is Anjana Veerabhadra’s Nutritionary. Anjana offers healthful and delicious meal plans to assist people in achieving their ideal health and long-term health advantages. She is also a specialist in weight control and children’s nutrition.

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