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Couples Package

  • 1 + 1 appointment- You can attend together for nutritional therapy
  • Weight loss/ Weight management
  • Hormonal health (for both)
  • Gut health and immunity


  • Couples planning to have a baby
  • Couples looking for optimal health and vitality
  • Couples having gut health issues looking for nutritional therapy together

Many couples report that they have put on weight after becoming partners.
Many couples want to change the situation but don’t have the drive to do it individually. Well, working together is the obvious option!
Some tasks are undoubtedly simpler to complete with a friend than yourself, as having a companion who shares your goals can help you stay motivated and comprehend others’ perspectives.
Couples’ weight loss might be discouraging because it can lead to disputes. How can you do it without damaging your relationship, then?
Sreemathy Venkatraman, an online nutritionist and founder of Mitha Ahara, an online nutrition consultancy platform, has designed a couple’s package to provide good nutrition to help them lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Conditions We Provide Help for:

Couples' Package at Mitha Aahara:

The Couples Nutrition Wellness Package is tailored to meet unique wellness needs and goals through a personalized nutrition plan and coaching sessions.

The Package Includes:

Services Provided:

  • Phone coaching sessions after the initial meeting. Follow-up phone consultations are scheduled and spaced out over two to four weeks. The initial consultation is conducted over the phone or via Skype.
  • Additional, individually tailored coaching sessions to help with accountability and offer professional advice on putting your dietary plan into action and behaviour change, meditation, healing imagery, and other topics. Email support and phone consultation are provided. Personalized recommendations based on your regional cuisine and food habits for healing foods and supplements to address particular health issues. Nutritional Wellness Overview. Simple dietary/supplement suggestions for a strong immune system. Healthy snacks recommendation. Healthy menu plans assisted. Recipe modifications (if requested). Tips for travelling and eating healthily. Basic guidelines for health and activity.

Role of an Online Nutritionist in Couples' Weight Loss:

Who said you must fight the battle of losing a few pounds alone as a couple? It can be a long and difficult one. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding in this battle if you seek the assistance of a nutritionist who is educated about evidence-based weight-loss techniques. Nutritionists can assist you in all phases of weight loss and the long-term maintenance of your optimum weight. They take into account your lifestyle and pre-existing medical conditions to assist you in making the most suitable and long-lasting dietary changes. These adjustments could be made to the kinds or quantities of food you consume, as well as to your eating habits, level of physical activity, and overall lifestyle.

Best Online Nutritionist for Couples' Weight Loss:

One of the top online nutritionists for weight management of couples is nutritionist Sreemathy Venkatraman. She is the most qualified to offer health advice to couples planning a baby or looking for optimal health and vitality and facing gut health issues and wanting nutrition therapy together. She has been working in this sector for more than twenty years now. Therefore, Nutritionist Sreemathy Venkatraman is the best if you’re looking for the result oriented online nutritionist for couples’ nutrition packages.