Here's what you can learn from listening to this episode: What is gut health, and how does it relate to mental health?, Ways in which individuals use food as a tool for healing in gut health, Essential nutrients that support a healthy gut and contribute to the healing process, Specific foods recommended for a healthy gut and for healing a gut, How do fermented foods play a role in promoting gut health and overall well-being?, How does stress affect gut health?. By listening to this insightful conversation with Sreemathy you can gain guidelines to develop a healthy gut mindfully.

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Mitha Aahara Featured in Silicon India

Truly grateful to my team and all the clients who chose us to be part of their healing journey. “Healing with Food” is truly possible.

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Recognised as one of "The Best Nutritionist & Dietitians in India" 2023 for personalised nutrition counseling, outstanding contribution to the Indian healthcare and wellness sector.

Nutritionists in Kolkata

Mitha Aahara Featured in Swift N Lift Magazine

Honoured and happy to be chosen as one of the top 5 Nutrition Consultants in India. Team Mitha Aahara thanks everyone of its clients for taking time to post feedback and giving us this honour and spotlight


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Elected as an Executive board member in the European Society of Swallowing Disorders

Gut Health Issues

Stroke, Post stroke Rehabilitation, Parkinson’s, Tube feeding and Other Neuro disorders.

Neuro Nutrition

Acidity, Gastritis, Heartburn , Constipation, IBS, IBD - Crohns


Irregular or missed periods, Facial hair or Hirsutism, Overweight or obese


Blood sugar during pregnancy, Restrictive diet or no or excess weight gain during pregnancy

Weight Loss

Overweight, obese, Metabolic Syndrome (Obese, Blood pressure & Diabetes)

Couple Fertility Package

Couple for healthy eating, Fertility health, Weight Gain or weight loss

Corporate nutrition package

Contact us for any of your employee engagement programs in prevention, wellness or clinical conditions

Mental health package

Anxiety, lethargy, depression, brain fog Food and mood is connected and what you eat influences your mood and your focus.

Preventive Nutrition Package

Prevention is Better than Cure

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This is a pre-consultation appointment where the 30-minute session is for discussing your health issues, medical history and the health goals you are looking for. Please note that no refund or diet sheet will be given in the pre consult, this is a session to understand our program and to see if this is the right fit for you.

In the pre consultation appointment, your current symptoms, problems and the solutions you are looking for will be discussed. The duration of the program and how we monitor will also be explained.

If your blood tests are less than 6 months old, we do not ask you to repeat it. Please note that some tests will be prescribed based on your condition only if necessary and you can get it done in any NABL accredited lab near you.

Only if there is a need for it, it is advised. We believe in “Healing with food” and a personalized nutritional therapy is the mantra to find solutions for your health issues.

Once a pre consultation is done, if this is the right program and you reach out to us, a google form is shared with you, which you should fill to start the program after the payment.

Points to Note:

  • We believe in “Healing with Food” and all nutrition plans are personalized based on your food habits and work routine.
  • If you are looking for nutritional therapy for a health issue, or a prevention plan or for a healthy body and mind, this is the Right place for you.
  • We tailor our plans and monitor periodically and the health goals are set on the initial consultation
  • You can share doctors’ notes, diagnostic tests and anything else you wish to share with respect to your health objectives

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